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How is your relationship? Does your relationship need nourishment?

Relationships need nurturing and nourishing, just as we need food, water, love and care. All relationships need attention from time to time. It is usually when problems arise that we wonder what went wrong. Problems arise for various reasons, but relationship repair involves joint work.

Couples counselling can rebuilt and repair damage in relationship.

Is Couples Counselling What You Need?

You and your partner may have struggled for some time with:
  • Communication problems
  • Loss of meaning and shared purpose
  • Power battles
  • Increased blame, bitterness, defensiveness and stonewalling
  • Affairs
  • Addictions
  • Abuse
  • Loss


Couples Counselling can assist you both to understand the true source of your problems and then to work toward meaningful, realistic change. Patty spends the first few meetings understanding concerns and tracking how problems have affected relationships; and begins to work family members toward understanding or change.

What Are The Goals?

Goals of relationship or family counseling vary. You and your partner may come seeking understanding or:
  • Better management of insolvable problems,
  • Better communication
  • Clarification about work that individual members need to do and what is the work of the couple,
  • Relationship repair
  • Ways to manage different needs for closeness and distance,
  • Ways to deal with conflict about money, extended family, sex, parenting and so on.
If you have any questions about whether Couples Counselling is for you, speak to Patty before your initial session.

What You Can Expect From Individual, Relationship or Family Therapy

You can expect that Patty will work with you to isolate your core concerns and to enable you to achieve realistic goals for yourself and your relationships. You can expect to be given take home tasks between sessions.

Most people work with Patty for between 2 to 6 months, meeting fortnightly or more or less frequently.

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  • Registered Psycholoist
  • Registered Relationship Therapist

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