About Patricia Lee

Patty Lee
(cnr Sydenham Rd, opp Marrickville Park)
1/78 Livingstone Rd
Marrickville 2204
0438 383 540
0438 383 540
Marrickville, Newtown, Campsie, St Peters, Camperdown, Enmore, Glebe, Canterbury, Inner West Sydney
Patty has been working as a Registered Psychologist and Relationship Therapist since 1994.

I am now based 2.4kms away from Enmore on the corner of Sydenham Rd, on the Petersham boundary of Marrickville.
Bus lines: 412 & 428

Psychologist - Relationship Therapist - Clinical Supervisor

Patty has a wide range of experience assisting couples, families and individuals with various concerns, including:
  • Relationship problems,
  • problems with conflict, communication,
  • abuse or violence,
  • grief and loss,
  • depression, anxiety,
  • addictions (drugs and alcohol),
Patty has also worked as a Trainer and Group Leader.


Please feel free to contact Patty and discuss any questions you may have before deciding whether she is the best person to help you with your concerns.

Contact Patty via mobile or via email


By arrangement at the Clinic - 1/78 Livingstone Rd Marrickville (cnr Sydenham Rd, opp Marrickville Park)

Appointments are available for:
  • Counselling and Therapy with Individuals, Couples and Families
  • Supervision with Counselors, Therapists and Psychologists.
Appointments are available after hours.

Quiz For Couples

Answer yes or no and add up your responses. Invite your partner to complete this quiz too. You are both encouraged to complete this separately and discuss your responses afterwards.

If speaking together is not working, see an experienced couples therapist.

Answer Yes or No to each question
  1. I am satisfied in this relationship ( YES / NO )

  2. I know that we are different but we can agree to disagree( YES / NO )

  3. Talking things over with my partner seems to make things worse.( YES / NO )

  4. I confide in my partenr and feel understood and respected for my differences.( YES / NO )

  5. When disagreements arise we agree by mutual give and take( YES / NO )

  6. My partner tries to control who I spend time with( YES / NO )

  7. My partner tells me there is something wrong with( YES / NO )

  8. My partner tells me that what I think is wrong ( YES / NO )

  9. My partner threatens me physically ( YES / NO )

  10. We are genuinely interested in one another. ( YES / NO )

  11. When we fight it can take a long time before I feel at ease again ( YES / NO )

  12. Our discussions get far too heated ( YES / NO )

  13. We know and treat with respect each other hopes and dreams in this relationship ( YES / NO )

  14. It feels good when we have sex / are intimate ( YES / NO )

  15. I feel an emptiness / loneliness in this relationship ( YES / NO )

  16. We can negotiate our respective needs for closeness or space ( YES / NO )

  17. I can listen to what my partner says about my personal growth and can hold my own view about what is good to me ( YES / NO )

  18. I feel fundamentally criticized and disliked in this relationship ( YES / NO )

  19. Though we agreed to have sex with one another only, one or both of us are having affairs outside of this relationship ( YES / NO )

  20. There are major secrets that we keep from one another (affairs, debts, fears, hopes, successes or failures, substance misuse) ( YES / NO )

  21. In our relationship: work / drugs / alcohol / gambling stand in our way ( YES / NO )

  22. I like my partner ( YES / NO )

  23. I know my partner likes me ( YES / NO )

  24. I feel abused by my partner ( YES / NO )

  25. I care about my partner ( YES / NO )
For partners who are also parents
  1. My partner puts me down to our kids ( YES / NO )

  2. Our children are scared that we will fight again( YES / NO )

  3. Our children feel insulted, belittled, mocked, smothered or dismissed. ( YES / NO )

  4. We try to provide emotional support so that our children develop resilience, self confidence and competence in dealing with problems ( YES / NO )

What To Do Now?

If you have selected any of the Bold "Yes" or "No" answers your relationship probably needs some help. You might need individual or couple counselling. Some of your responses may concern you.

Couples counselling can help to clarify which problems are yours to deal with, which are not, and which require relationship work.

For more information about the best services for your needs or to organise an appointment - just give us a call!


  • Registered Psycholoist
  • Registered Relationship Therapist

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